Michael Gamel-McCormick, PhD

Associate Executive Director for Research and Policy at AUCD

Michael Gamel-McCormick is the Associate Executive Director at the Association of University Centerson Disabilities (AUCD). Prior to joining AUCD he was the Disability Policy Director and Senior EducationPolicy Analyst with the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions under thechairmanship of Senator Tom Harkin. For 17 years, Michael was professor and Dean of the College ofEducation and Public Policy at the University of Delaware, the interim chair of the Department of HumanDevelopment and Family Studies, and the director of the Center for Disabilities Studies, Delaware’sUniversity Center for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities. He has also been the director of a rural early intervention program, the director of health and education services at a large urban community services agency, the coordinator of an early childhood special education technical assistance center, and a preschool teacher.


The persistently low employment rates among people with disabilities in the United States are accompanied by consistently high rates of participation in safety net programs. As funding for employment related services is limited, people with disabilities who wish to access employment services may face either delays in access or scarcity of available options.

Michael Gamel-McCormick