Equipment Reuse

Assistive technology can be expensive and often, even after years of use, there is still a lot of life left in the used equipment. We strive to facilitate the reutilization of gently used devices and parts.

Assistive Technology supports four services to help you obtain equipment at a much reduced price and to assist you in placing your used devices in the hands of someone who can use it:

getATstuff is a collaboratively produced and administered online marketplace for used AT equipment. Browse through listings from all over New England, covering the full spectrum of assistive technology. Items on the Assistive Technology Exchange are listed for free or for a fee. From Adaptive Tricycle to ZoomText, look for it on getATstuff!
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Refurbished Equipment Marketplace. A service area of ATECH Services which offers used equipment that has been cleaned and refurbished by trained technicians. Get devices at a discounted cost compare to new. The REM is located in Concord, but you can also visit the online showroom to find out what is available.
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Further afield in New England the following resources offer equipment as well:

Connecticut: The NEAT Center at Oak Hill refurbishes used Durable Medical Equipment, such as wheelchairs, scooters, etc. They inspect, repair and ensure that the devices are properly working then sell them at a significant discount.
Neat Center at Oak Hill
Maine: ALLTECH is a non-profit organization offering a "Recycle and Reuse" service. The program accepts donations of gently used equipment such as wheelchairs, walkers, bath seats and many others. The equipment is then sanitized and restored to good working condition and then made available for purchase at a much reduced, affordable price.
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