Demonstrations & Loans

Currently ten partner organizations offer demonstrations and loans of assistive technology equipment and software. Community Partners have equipment geared toward school age children, elders, and all ages in-between. Whether you are looking for assistance with writing or want to try out skiing, check our partners for information on demonstrations and loans of assistive technology.

Partners offer equipment in these device categories:

  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Speech Communication
  • Learning, Cognitive, Developmental
  • Mobility, Seating & Positioning
  • Daily Living
  • Environmental Adaptations
  • Transportation and Vehicle Modification
  • Computers and Computer-related
  • Recreation, Sports, and Leisure
  • Other

Along with our Partners and the demonstration and loan assistive technology equipment they offer, the following is a list of the items available from the Assistive Technology in New Hampshire (ATinNH) program located on the campus of UNH in Durham, NH.

ATinNH Demo Inventory

All items listed are available for demonstration purposes for those people trying to make a decision if a particular assistive device would meet their needs.  Many of the items are also available for a 30 day loan.  All items must be loaned to a person with a disability.

Switches and Switch Interfaces

  1. Switch Hopper by RJ Cooper
  2. Mouse Button Box by RJ Cooper
  3. Smoothie Switch Small Yellow 75mm by Pretorian
  4. SimplyWorks for iPad by Pretorian
  5. iSwitch Red by Pretorian
  6. J-Pad by Pretorian
  7. Switch2Scan by Pretorian
  8. Switch interface pro 6.0 by Don Johnson
  9. Crick USB Switch Interface by Crick Software

Assistive Devices  

  1. Bamboo Pen and Touch
  2. AT Pad Stand
  3. Polycom Communicator C100S by Polycom
  4. Flip Video Camcorder – by Cisco.  This item is no longer manufactured but it is perfect for short videos.  Videos are transferred easily to the computer via built in USB connector.
  5. Ipevo PoV Web Camera
  6. Professional Keyless Keyboard and Mouse by OrbiTouch
  7. Intellikeys Standard Key Guards by Intellitools
  8. Intellitools Overlay Maker by Intellitools
  9. GE Auto Voice Recorder – Microcassette recorder
  10. DigiMemo by Acecad
  11. 3M Micro Professional Projector
  12. DX-1 Input System by Erodex
  13. CanoScan Lide 90 by Canon
  14. Archos 605 wifi – Video Player
  15. Dual Alert Personal Pager
  16. WeMo Switch by Belkin
  17. WeMo Insight Switch by Belkin
  18. WeMo Net Cam by Belkin
  19. Wall Switch Extension Handle
  20. Roberts Book Holder
  21. Cane Holder
  22. Walker Bag
  23. Expandable Door Hinge
  24. X-FER Rail
  25. Shure Performance PG30 Gear Wireless Headset
  26. Zam Communicator “The Zam Communicator is a lightweight, two‐ sided communication device that does NOT generate speech. It was developed to help improve communication between patients who are unable to speak and medical professionals. The device offers a keypad for spelling out words and icons representing medically related messages. The messages are displayed on a dual sided LCD screen at the top of the communication device.”
  27. VideoBrix Personal Video Communicator
  28. Super Talker by Ablenet
  29. Liftware Spoon

Software for Loan from ATinNH

Software is available at no cost on a first come first served basis.  There are multiple copies of each item available.  No technical support available.  All software must be loaned to a person with a disability.

  • Read and Write Gold Mobile (Version 8, 8.1 and 9)
  • Dragon Naturally Speaking (Version9 and 11)
  • Dragon Dictate for Mac Version 2
  • Classroom Suite
  • Clicker 5
  • Kurzweil 3000 USB Set-Up Card
  • Kurzweil 3000 Version 12 for Windows
  • Kurzweil 100 Trial Windows
  • Scan and Read Pro
  • PDF Magic Pro

Please email Stacy Driscoll at or Anne Long at to arrange for a demo or loan.