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Every aspect of our lives is, in a sense, a vote for the kind of world we want to live in.

- Frances Moore Lappé

Workshops & Webinars

Since 1987, the IOD has established itself as a premier source of unique and comprehensive leadership and professional education products and services. Through leadership training and professional development opportunities that are progressive, culturally relevant, increasingly diverse, and geographically dispersed, the IOD reaches an ever broadening audience of consumers and professionals.

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Upcoming IOD workshops & webinars

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Name Location Date Priority Area
NH Transition Community of Practice Summit VIII Concord November 18, 2014 Inclusive Education
Navigating Choice & Change Concord October 29, 2014 Aging
Employment Consulting & Workplace Support Online Training Opportunity (Week 3 of 4) Online September 29, 2014 Employment
Community Living
Employment Consulting & Workplace Support Online Training Opportunity (Week 4 of 4) Online October 06, 2014 Employment
Community Living
2014 Annual Compendium of Disability Statistics and Research-to-Policy Roundtable Washington, D.C. December 03, 2014 General
RENEW Facilitator Training Institute (Day 2 of 3) Concord October 06, 2014 Community Living
Inclusive Education
Introductory Training for Supported Typing Concord October 16, 2014 Assistive Technology
RENEW Implementation Training (Day 1 of 2) Manchester October 15, 2014 Inclusive Education
RENEW Implementation Training (Day 2 of 2) Manchester October 16, 2014 Inclusive Education
RENEW Facilitator Training Institute (Day 3 of 3) Concord November 03, 2014 Community Living
Inclusive Education