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“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.”      

- Albert Einstein

New Hampshire Disability Statistics

Information drives change. Statistics are a powerful form of information used in policymaking, program evaluation, research, and advocacy. Statistics are frequently used to frame the issues, monitor current circumstances and progress, judge the effectiveness of policies and programs, make projections about the future, and predict the costs of potential policy changes. They are particularly powerful when they address the specific populations in question. For instance, the great benefit of the decennial census is its ability to provide very local information. Statistics about the population with disabilities and about the government programs that serve people with disabilities—disability statistics—are often difficult to find. Numerous
government agencies generate and publish disability statistics, and as a result, disability statistics are scattered and buried in documents and websites all across the federal and state governments.

Facts & Figures: The 2011 Annual Report on Disability in New Hampshire and To The Point: An Introduction to Disability in the Granite State are new annual publications of the Institute on Disability (IOD) at the University of New Hampshire focusing on the population with disabilities in New Hampshire. Together with the Annual Disability Statistics Compendium, these publications are intended to provide a comprehensive picture of important issues related to disability in New Hampshire and nationally.

Facts & Figures: The 2014 Annual Report on Disabiltiy in NHFacts & Figures: The 2014 Annual Report on Disability in New Hampshire

Facts & Figures is designed to serve as a reference guide to government publications. These referenced sources contain additional statistics, as well as information about the way the data were collected and generated. Assistance in interpreting and locating additional statistics is available via our toll-free number, 866.538.6521. Download a copy of the publication >

To the PointTo The Point: An Introduction to Disability in the Granite State

To The Point presents statistics on the population of NH residents who experience a disability, compares data with neighboring states and national averages, and features statistics from Facts & Figures. Download a copy of the publication >


To download a PDF copy of either publication, click on the images to the right. Please feel free to share these resources with colleagues, friends, and family. If you have questions or comments, submit them here.