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Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology

About the Program & Who Should Apply

The Graduate Certificate in Assistive Technology is designed for individuals who have completed a bachelor’s degree or higher, to provide assistive technology services for individuals with disabilities, at home, school, work or play; to work collaboratively with a team implementing recommended assistive technology solutions and to become leaders in Assistive Technology. This certificate programs applies to individuals pursuing or engaged in the following careers:, occupational, speech, physical, recreation therapy, rehabilitation counseling; engineering, education, special education, or nursing.

The 15 credit hours curriculum will consist of three four credit required courses plus one three credit elective. These courses are taught by regular faculty and have been offered for the last seven years.

Certificate Requirements

Required Courses:

  • OT 822 - Assistive Technology (4 cr.) or OT 830 - Enhancing Occupational Performance through Assistive Technology (3 cr.) with co-requisite lab (2 cr.)*
  • OT 826 - Assistive Technology and Sensory, Communicative, and Cognitive Disabilities (4 cr.)

One of:

  • OT 824 - Assistive Technology and Physical Disabilities (4 cr.)
  • COMM 914 02 - Augmentative and Alternative Communication (4 cr.)
  • COMM 920 02 - AAC Seminar (4 cr.)
  • EDUC 820 - Introduction to Computer Applications for Education (4 cr.)

One of The Following Electives:

Any course not selected above, or any of the following:

  • EDUC 850 - Introduction to Exceptionality (4 cr.)
  • OT 893/EDUC 897 - iPads and Children with Disabilities
  • OT 852 with 852 L - Human Movement and Environmental Effects on Everyday Occupations (4 cr.)*
  • OT 895 - Readings and Research in Occupational Therapy (Variable)
  • SW 812 - Social Work and Developmental Disabilities (3 cr.)
  • SW 992 - Special Projects and Independent Study (3 cr.) 
  • COMM 895 - Special Topics (3 cr.)
  • EDUC 851C - Educating Exceptional Learners: Related Services (4 cr.)
  • EDUC 854 - Contemporary Issues of Developmental Disabilities (4 cr.)

*Courses restricted to OT majors only

Contact Information

Therese Willkomm, Ph.D. ATP
Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Occupational Therapy
College of Health and Human Services
121 Hewitt Hall
Durham, NH 03824
(603) 862-1056 or (603) 491-6555

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